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Q: What information does your Cheat Sheet include?


A: You can find all the information about the Cheat Sheet HERE. It has been slightly updated since, but 95% of the information on that page is correct.

Q: What time do the Cheat Sheets get emailed out?


A: Usually I email them out by midnight the night before. If you do not have yours by 9:00AM EST please message me on Twitter or let me know on the feedback page. I probably just forgot.

Q: I'm having problems with the format of the files in the Cheat Sheet. What can I do?


A: The two Cheat Sheet files are in a .xlsx format and the top 100 lineup files are now in a PDF format. Both these formats should be easily readable on any computer. Try right clicking the file and selecting the "Open With" option and go from there.

Q: Where can I get lineups for start times that are not featured in the daily value picks post?


A: They are available with the Cheat Sheet. Check out THIS LINK.

Q: I didn't get my Cheat Sheet.


A: Let me know on the feedback page or on Twitter. I will get that sorted out as soon as I can!

Q: There are injured/out players on your Cheat Sheet/Top 100 Lineups. Will you be sending out more lineups?


A: I'm willing to send you updated lineups IF you contact me on Twitter or by the feedback page AND the player that is injured/out apprears in a majority of the lineups. However, if the problem is the starting goalie, just use your best judgement. I don't have time to make lineups everytime a backup goalie plays.

Q: Are the Top 100 Lineups based on linestacks/PP stacks?


A: No they are not, they are based on averages and home/away statistics. I encourage you to modify the lineups to improve them where you see fit. I do have linestacks planned for the future though, don't worry.

Q: Keep up the good work.


Thank you! I get this a lot and I do my best to respond to everyone. I really do appreciate the feedback I get from the DHL community. So if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to submit them on the feedback page.