How good are DHL predictions?

Today I decided to analyze how well DHL predictions have done. I have summed up the data from March 4th to March 21st. Over this 18 day span there have been some great days and some not so great days.

For those of you asking how I choose which players are value players that day, here is your answer. I run the players through an algorithm that is based on how well the players have been playing lately. I used to have a similar algorithm that I used to generate entire lineups, here is a post about the old algorithm.

All the stats below are an analysis of the last 18 days of DHL predictions. Keep in mind the sample size is relatively small so standard deviations are pretty high.


DHL goalie predictions over the last 18 days have been pretty good. Out of 18 games, DHL goalies have 11 wins, which is a win rate of 61%. A more surprising statistic is that, of the 11 wins 4 of them have been shutouts. This means DHL goalies get shutouts 22% of the time.


The most popular center chosen has been Mark Scheifele. Overall the centers have scored 10 goals, recorded 7 assists, blocked 24 shots, and got 60 shots on goal. This gives them an average of 4.7 fantasy points per game on DraftKings.


The wingers have totalled 3 goals, 9 assists, 6 blocked shots, and 47 shots on goal. This gives them an average of 2.9 fantasy points on DraftKings. Since these number are very low I have decided to change the algorithm in order to better the winger predictions.


The defenceman have done well with 5 goals, 6 assists, 30 blocked shots, and 41 shots on goal. This means they have averaged 3.4 fantasy points per game. Defenceman are much harder to predict, so I’m surprised that they are doing better than the wingers.


Overall DHL players have achieved 202 fantasy points on DraftKings total over the last 18 days. This means that on average the three players (not including goalies) average 11.22 fantasy points per night. Thats pretty good for just 3 players.

In conclusion, DHL is a good source for updating your daily lineups. Keep in mind I try not to choose premium players, since most people know to pick premium players. If you have any tips or suggestions please let me know in the comments down below, or check out our feedback page.