3 Important Stats To Check Before Adding A Player To Your Lineup

Number 1: Home and Away Stats.

Is home ice advantage a big deal? Yes, but not always for the reasons you may think. On DraftKings, if you open up a player’s stats you will be able to see how they have performed at home this season verses how they have performed on the road. This is a very important stat to look at since some players actually play better away. Take a look at Joe Pavelski’s stats below.

Lets examine his home stats verses his away stats. Pavelski has 23 points in 28 games at home this season, which means he averages 0.82 points per game at home. He also has 40 points in 36 games on the road this season, which gives an average of 1.11 points per game when on the road.

Why is this stat important? Some players have big differences between their home and away stats. Although they might average 4 points per game, that could mean they average 6 points at home and 2 points away. Keep this stat in mind next time you are adding a player into your lineup.

Number 2: Players vs. A Specific Team

This stat is how well a player has done against a specific team this year. DraftKing’s again makes this stat very easy to find (as shown below). Picking winning lineups is all about statistics, you want any edge you could possibly get. So lets look at Nikita Kucherov’s stats below.

Kucherov has played well against Ottawa this season getting 4 points in three games. You can see he averages 5.2 fantasy points against Ottawa this season while in other games he averages about 3.5.

Why is this stat important? Most players develop trends in their careers, and some players play better against certain teams. Goalies have trends as well, don't forget to check if your goalie has a winning record against the team they are facing. This is another good stat to check when choosing players for your lineup.

Number 3: Goalie Matchup Stats

These stats are the opposing team’s overall scoring stats. The graph below shows how New Jersey has been playing this season. Let’s assume we are trying to make the decision of whether or not to take Rinne as our goalie on DraftKings this day.

Clearly, Pekka Rinne is favoured to win this game. It helps that New Jersey is ranked 30th in goals against this season. However, notice NJ is also 30th in shots on goal per game. That means Rinne might not be the best goalie to pick that night. Ideally, you want a goalie going against a team that has a low goals per game and a high number of shots per game.

Why is this stat important? The most important thing about adding a goalie to your lineup is choosing a winning goalie. The key to picking the best winning goalie, is to pick a goalie that is likely to win, and also likely to get lots of shots against them.

Now you should be able to get that edge you've been looking for by understanding how to choose players that are looking statistically good that night. Don't forget to make sure your player is playing at home (or away if they are better away), playing against a good matchup, and that you have a good winning goalie.