3-Player Contests Goalie Strategy

3-Player Contest Goalie Strategy

In my last post I explained how many 3-Player contests you should enter in order to minimize the number of games you must win to make a profit. As it turns out the optimal number of games to enter was 27, or any multiple of 27. However, that is a bit much. Entering 8 different 3-Player contests makes the most sense to me.

So now that we know how many contests to enter, how should you go about picking the goalies for your lineups? Firstly, and most importantly you must win three out of the eight contests to make a profit. We have to try and find a way to make it probable to win at least three games.

How many different starting goalies should you put in your lineups? Choose the four goalies with the greatest chance of getting a win that night, preferably in games where the projected overall score is less than 5. From here there are two different ways to play.

Strategy 1: Choose four different goalies in four different games. Play each goalie in two contests each, with a few of the players switched around based on DHL projections. Strategy 1 has a higher risk and a higher reward.

Strategy 2: Choose four different goalies in two separate games, where each pair of goalies is facing one another. Again, it is a good idea to use different skaters in your lineups.

Strategy 2 will guarantee you will have winning goalies in at %50 of your entered lineups, assuming no injuries. Strategy 2 has lower risk and lower reward.

Either strategy has the potential to be a winning strategy, personally I like strategy 1 because if you do your research and choose probable goalies there is a much higher reward.