Columbus vs Arizona Overtime Period - December 3 [Video]

This overtime period happened December 3rd featuring the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Arizona Coyotes. This OT had everything you could possibly want. The only thing that didn’t happen was a goal. Columbus won in a shootout, but the overtime period was the best of the game.

There were a total of 17 shots in five minutes of play, along with two reviewed goals, and multiple breakaways. If you like fast paced hockey this is the period for you. The video is below, and is 9 minutes 20 seconds long. Enjoy!

Jonathan Toews vs. Auston Matthews vs. Lighting and Food

Basically the storyline of the video is that Toews and Matthews were shooting a video, and when the film crew left, both the hockey players decided to take some shots at the equipment. I found this video on Reddit where it got to the top of /r/hockey.

This video really highlights what great personalities both Toews and Matthews have. When you watch the video below, keep an eye out for Matthews reaction when Toews hits the crossbar. I’m sure Matthews was thinking “You know you’ve made it when you can get paid to have Jonathan Toews chirp you”.

Now obviously this entire video is scripted, so no one will actually be mad that cameras got destroyed and chocolate fountains got knocked over onto the ice. However, you’ve got to wonder how difficult it would be to clean all that up. I hope you enjoyed the video!

New Las Vegas NHL Team Name Announced! [VIDEO]

If you're here for the announcement video, scroll to the bottom.

The new name of the Las Vegas NHL team was announced yesterday. The team's official name is the Vegas Golden Knights. Instead of being overwhelmed everyone felt pretty whelmed. I'm not sure what I expected to feel after hearing the name the first time, but it felt pretty bland. Unlike the new logo which has people excited about the colour scheme. Now, obviously I do not own any of the images below, but under fair use I will use them to comment and criticize.

First of all, here is the logo. At first glance it looks pretty cool with the V being created from negative space. At least now we know why the team is called the “Vegas Golden Knights” and not the “Las Vegas Golden Knights”. It would have looked pretty weird with an “L” cut out.

They also added a second logo. Shown below:

Oh, no? Thats a different team? Yep. Not only does the team name sound familiar but so does the logo. The OHL has a team called the London Knights and above is picture of the logo. Why would the NHL name a team the same as a team in a different league, and then also have a similar logo? It doesn't make any sense to me.

This feeling of 'seen-it-before' might be the reason people aren't exactly thrilled about the name. To top it all off they planned a big over the top ceremony to announce the name, and that ceremony turned out to be just as bland as the name of the team. Except for the announcer, he is my favourite part. Check it out: